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Recognising that deep lines of discrimination run through socio-economic systems, within India and globally, is the starting point if there is to be any improvement in the country. The legal system is no exception. There is a need to identify and amend the inequities still present in our laws and legal systems.

For us, ‘justice is blind’ means that every person, irrespective of class, sexual identity, caste, religious belief, nationality or ethnicity, language, or culture, deserves equal access to and equitable consideration from the justice system.

We provide quality legal representation to clients who are unable to afford legal assistance by ensuring equality before the law, the right to counsel and the right to a fair trial. We also help organise legal awareness workshops and sessions for civil society members working on ground to equip them in their efforts. If you would like to engage our services for providing legal aid or legal awareness sessions, please write to us at legal-aid[at]